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Psychiatry Residency Training Program
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Residency Policies & Procedures
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Resident Education Steering Committee (RESC)

The Resident Education Steering Committee (RESC) is the formal education and policy making committee for the psychiatry residency program. This committee meets quarterly and oversees the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of all significant features of the residency program, including:

  • Resident selection, evaluation, advancement, and approval for graduation. Resident selection is delegated to the Admissions Committee, which reports to the RESC. The Site Coordination Committee serves as a resident progress committee and performs initial assessments of each resident's performance, annual review for advancement, and meeting graduation criteria. The RESC makes formal advancement and graduation decisions, and decisions regarding resident disciplinary actions.
  • Establishing educational standards for the clinical rotations and experiences and ongoing evaluation of clinical rotations and teaching faculty. All required and elective rotations must be approved by the RESC. The Site Coordination Committee provides ongoing, informal, monthly assessments of clinical rotations and teaching faculty, and reports to the RESC.
  • Development and evaluation of the didactic curriculum. Responsibilities in this area are delegated to the Curriculum Committee, which reports to the RESC.
  • Establishing administrative policies and procedures for the residency program, and facilitating communication between faculty and residents regarding training issues. Approval by the RESC is required for all standing policies of the residency program.
  • Performing the annual review of the residency program. The RESC uses program performance data, such as Match results, performance of residents and graduates on the PRITE and ABPN examinations, initial jobs/positions of graduates, resident national awards, confidential annual evaluations of the program by residents and faculty, Internal Review and/or ACGME decisions, to review and evaluate the program as a whole, identify necessary action plans, and track progress regarding areas identified as needing improvement.

Decisions made by a majority vote of a quorum of at least 2/3 of the membership eligible to vote on a particular issue (e.g. junior residents are not eligible to vote on advancement of more senior residents), are binding, with the provision that the decision can be appealed to the Chair, who will hear the arguments and make a final determination within 60 days.

The procedure for review of decisions regarding non-reappointment or non-promotion is as specified in the Graduate Medical Education Academic and Professional Conduct Policy.

The membership of the RESC is as follows:

  • Residency Director (Chair)
  • Recording Secretary (Residency Program Supervisor/Coordinator)
  • Two resident representatives from each PGY-level:
  • The chief residents
  • The Assistant Residency Director or other faculty representative from each Seattle site (UWMC, UWPOC, HMC, VA, SCH)
  • The Directors of the Spokane and Idaho Tracks
  • The Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  • The Director of each subspecialty residency program (Child and Adolescent, Addiction, Forensic, and Geriatric Psychiatry, and Psychosomatic Medicine) or his/her designee (a member of the subspecialty program's teaching faculty)
  • The Director of each residency interest group/track (e.g. Neuroscience, Community Leadership)

The RESC includes the following subcommittees:

The RESC meets quarterly, although additional meetings can be requested by any member. The agenda is set by the Residency Director. Members can request to have issues placed on the agenda. Recurring issues include the annual program review (July/August and October), annual review of the duty hours policy (October), annual review of residents for advancement (January), approval of residents for graduation and selection of recipients of graduation awards (May/June).

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