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Psychiatry Residency Training Program
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Residency Policies & Procedures
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Seattle Track Chief Residents are selected from the pool of interested PGY-3 residents by the Chief of Service of the clinical site, Associate Residency Director for the site, and Residency Director, taking into account input from the resident group and relevant core site faculty (as consulted by the Chief of Service). Decisions regarding Chief resident positions that are not based at a clinical site are made by the Residency Director and any relevant faculty (e.g. Director of the Teaching Scholar Track for a Teaching Chief Resident position), taking into account input from the resident group. Final appointments are subject to the approval of the Department Chair.

The Chief resident selection process is as follows:

  1. In December, the Residency Director invites PGY-3 residents to express interest in Chief Resident position(s) for the following academic year, and to rank all Chief Resident positions that the resident is interested in, in order of preference, by no later than January 15. With this invitation, the Residency Director provides PGY-3s with the general program Chief Resident job description.
  2. In December, as part of this invitation to express interest in Chief Resident position(s), PGY-3s are instructed to meet with the Chief of Service, Associate Residency Director, and current Chief Resident at any site where he/she is interested in being a Chief Resident (and/or with any faculty member involved in decision-making for a non-site-based Chief Resident position) by no later than January 15, to discuss the position(s). These meetings are intended to be both job interviews and informational for the PGY-3.
  3. On January 16 (or the next business day), the Residency Director sends an anonymous electronic voting form to all residents who will be in the program in Seattle in the following academic year, so that residents can express preferences for their Chief Residents for the next year.
  4. One week later, the Residency Director sends the results of the resident vote and the list of PGY-3s interested in each position to the Chiefs of Service, Associate Residency Directors, and any other faculty members who will make decisions regarding any non-site-based Chief Resident positions. Within one week (and before February 1), sites and/or decision-making faculty members submit to the Residency Director a list of all PGY-3s they would be interested in and willing to have serve as Chief Resident.
  5. By no later than mid-February, the Residency Director convenes a meeting (in person or by phone) with the Chiefs of Service, Associate Residency Directors, and any faculty involved in decisions regarding non-site-based Chief Resident positions, in order to decide on and coordinate offers regarding the Chief Resident positions. Decisions made will be submitted to the Chair for approval.
  6. After this meeting, following approval by the Chair, and no later than the last day of February, Chief Resident position offers will be made to all selected PGY-3s on the same day.
  7. Any unanticipated issues (e.g. a selected PGY-3 withdraws or becomes unable to serve as Chief Resident) will be managed in a coordinated way by the Residency Director, Chief of Service for the site, site Associate Residency Director, and/or other decision-making faculty for non-site-based positions, with final approval by the Chair.

(Approved by the RESC, May 28, 2013.)

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