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Psychiatrists who have excellent clinical skills and research training in the origins and treatment of mental illness will play an invaluable role in the future of our profession. The Neuroscience Track at the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences was developed to provide specialized training for residents who plan to enter academic research careers. Our department and the University of Washington offer a large neuroscience community with many different research and training programs. This rich environment offers a unique opportunity for residents to develop their research careers.

The Neuroscience Track provides a flexible supplement to the general psychiatry residency program. Current track participants are involved in a variety of research projects including molecular genetics, basic neuroscience, functional imaging, and clinical psychopharmacology. Recent graduates of the track have competed successfully for research grant support and faculty positions.

Applicants to the Neuroscience Track are selected based on their previous research training, medical school performance, commitment to research careers, and clarity of focus on research issues. Approximately two entering residents are chosen each year. Applicants who have been involved in research during college or medical school are encouraged to apply; a majority of recent track members have completed combined M.D.-Ph.D. programs. Applicants acceptance into the general residency program, and may still pursue research during their residency on an elective basis. Individuals completing the Neuroscience Track are expected to demonstrate excellence in both their clinical and research skills.

During the first two years of residency, Neuroscience Track residents concentrate on their clinical training but are encouraged to attend monthly seminars in the Division of Neuroscience. By the end of their second year, participants identify a research mentor. Mentors may be chosen from within the Division of Neuroscience or the UW faculty at large. During the third and fourth years, residents may devote a majority of their elective time to research providing that excellent progress in clinical training has been made. Each residentís schedule is individually developed to allow greater flexibility. A participantís course of study must be approved by the Residency Program Director, Deborah Cowley, M.D., and the Neuroscience Track Coordinator, John Neumaier, M.D., Ph.D. Typically, Neuroscience Track residents spend about one quarter of their third year, and at least two thirds of their fourth year pursuing their research. Track participants receive $1000 each year to use for research purposes such as journal subscriptions, travel to scientific meetings, etc. A research fellowship is currently being developed.

For more information about the Neuroscience Track please contact:

John Neumaier, M.D., Ph.D.
(206) 341-5803

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