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Psychiatry Residency Training Program
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Career Enrichment Pathways and Areas of Distinction
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The residency program sponsors a variety of Career Enrichment Pathways (e.g. Addiction Psychiatry, Community Leadership, Cultural Psychiatry, Integrated Care, Neuroscience, Research, Teaching Scholar) to help residents to explore different areas of psychiatry and to promote their career development. A resident may explore as many Career Enrichment Pathways as he/she wishes. Participation in Career Enrichment Pathways is not required and is non-binding (i.e. once in a pathway, a resident can withdraw at any time).

Pathways have regular meetings that any resident can attend to explore a possible career direction and to meet academic and clinical faculty as well as other residents interested in that particular area of psychiatry. Some pathways (Community Leadership, Integrated Care, Neuroscience, Research, Teaching Scholar) offer the option of focusing elective clinical rotations and/or scholarly work in a particular area of psychiatry. Residents who choose to do this, and who meet expectations of the individual pathway, are eligible to be recognized at graduation as having achieved an Area of Distinction

Area of Distinction

To earn an Area of Distinction recognition, a resident is expected to actively participate in a Career Enrichment Pathway in a process that includes some or all of the following (as specified by the individual pathway):

  1. a specified application/selection process
  2. attendance at and active participation in pathway meetings, journal club sessions, and/or didactics
  3. completion of clinical rotations and/or educational experiences (e.g. research, curriculum development)
  4. a pathway-specific group and/or individual project

Residents satisfactorily fulfilling all requirements of a Career Enrichment Pathway can be recognized at graduation as having achieved an Area of Distinction during residency, subject to recommendation by the pathway leadership and approval by the RESC. Residents awarded an Area of Distinction receive a certificate at graduation documenting this, and have this noted in their permanent residency record.

The Resident Education Steering Committee (RESC) will review, and must approve, all proposed Career Enrichment Pathways and Areas of Distinction.

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